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Scenfication is an installation including a projection accompanied with sound, showing the relation between language and smell. More specifically: contemporary smells.

Mostly smells are described by referring to its source, as a scent specific vocabulary in our language does not really exist. Instead, we borrow words that are used to describe taste, sound or other sensations.

Nowadays a lot of new smells are emerging due to technological improvements. We are experiencing scents for which we have no description at all. For there are hardly any words or comparisons.
By gathering elements, the scientific background and latin terms of different scents, I tried to assemble a new vocabulary for those contemporary smells.

The created terms combined as a selection give a much more complete idea of a smell as opposed to one word. Together they come much closer to capturing the entirety of a scent, but on the other hand also show the impossibility of trying to capture this abstract sense.

fun fact
For the creation of the sound that is part of the installation, I used materials or components of the objects that are part of the collection of smells shown in the projection.